Dangerous Conversations In The Workplace

  In my last newsletter I talked about the dangers of social media when it comes to work. But what about conversations in the workplace? What can’t you say and do? Free Speech The playwright, writer and poet Oscar Wilde famously said: “I may not agree with you,...

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Asda Loses Latest Round In Equal Pay Case

  Asda store workers have won a crucial round in the battle against the company to be paid at an equal rate as warehouse workers. In a case which started in 2016, thousands of store workers, who are predominately women, have argued that they should be paid at the...

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Social Media: Protect Yourself!

  Brexit, Covid, Megxit… millions of people share their views online every day. A quick lunchtime tweet on Twitter, sharing or liking a post on Facebook: most people think nothing of it. Yet one ‘in-the-moment’ comment could put your job at risk. We’ve dealt with...

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Landmark Uber Case – What’s It All About?

  Last week, the UK’s Supreme Court, Britain’s highest court, gave a ruling on a landmark case brought by Uber drivers against Uber (Uber BV v Aslam and Others). The Supreme Court ruled that Uber must treat its drivers as workers rather than as self-employed...

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COVID-19: Vulnerable People

  As at 20th March 2020, the Government is advising those who are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 to be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures.This group includes those who:1. are aged 70 or older (regardless of medical...

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Employment Contract Changes: Learning From Asda

  The media have been reporting Asda’s announcement that unless staff sign a new, less favourable employment contract by 2nd November, their employment will be terminated. The new contract increases wages to £9 per hour but removes long-service benefits, paid...

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The Dangers Of Covert Recordings

  Almost all of us now carry mobile phones capable of making audio recordings. It’s not surprising that, increasingly, Affinity is presented with audio files which have been made covertly by members during meetings with their employers.The majority of these...

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William Hill Closure Announcement

  Members will be aware of William Hill’s announcement that it plans to shed approximately 4,500 jobs and close about 700 shops because of the fall in fixed-odds betting machine business.The full details of what’s planned and how the company will manage this...

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TUPE: Protecting Enhanced Severance Terms

  In 2018, we were contacted by a number of members who, a number of years ago, had been transferred under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) from Lloyds Bank to Mitie.Mitie had announced that these staff were to be...

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300 Advisers Going To JV

  “300 or so advisers” will be transferred across to the new Joint Venture with Schroders according to George Culmer, Chief Financial Officer, Lloyds Bank. Mr. Culmer let the cat out of the bag when he was responding to a question from an analyst following the...

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The Cost Of TSB’s IT Meltdown: £259,191,231

  That is how much the botched IT migration has cost TSB so far according to the latest set of financial results.TSB made a £120.5 million loss for the nine months to September. On the back of the meltdown, Sabadell, TSB’s owner, has seen its share price fall by...

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Union Wins Landmark Legal Case

  Well, we’ve done it again. In the most anticipated pension case in 30 years, the High Court has ruled today that the Lloyds Banking Group pension schemes must equalise guaranteed minimum pensions (GMPs) for men and women.The outcome of this case will have...

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Carry On Banking

  In the Q&A for staff produced when TSB announced it was setting up ‘customer hubs’ to deal with the unprecedented levels of customer complaints, the Bank said that staff in branches shouldn’t worry about leaving colleagues in the lurch because it would deal...

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Dark Clouds Over IBM?

  Last year Lloyds Bank announced it was outsourcing 1,900 jobs to IBM. A significant number of the jobs transferred to IBM will eventually be offshored to India. IBM and Lloyds signed one of the largest cloud transformation deals with most staff working in...

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Who Really Runs TSB?

  TSB staff will be egregiously offended by Josep Oliu, Chairman of Sabadell Bank, complaining about the fact that he lost a few nights’ sleep at the height of the IT meltdown when they have constantly been under pressure for months trying to deal with the...

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