Social Media: The Dangers Increase

  In a recent newsletter, I explained the important steps you can take to protect yourself when using social media; the key message was to be extremely cautious in what you do and say online. But what happens when you’ve done all of the sensible things to protect...

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Future Working Arrangements: Key Advice

  Many employers are now making key decisions about when and where they ask people to work in future. For example, Spotify has decided that staff can work from whatever location they choose, KPMG has opted to ask staff to work 2 days per week in the office and...

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From Desktop To Laptop‬

  In our recent Working from Home Survey, 63% of members said that they were working more than 7 hours a day and were more productive than they were before the pandemic. According to a recent study of 3 million employees in 21,500 companies published by Harvard...

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Legal Action Over Inflation Change

  In previous Newsletters we reported that tens of thousands of finance sector staff will see their pension benefits reduce because of the changes to way pension increases would be calculated in future. Trustees of the BT, Ford and Marks and Spencer pension...

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Dangerous Conversations In The Workplace

  In my last newsletter I talked about the dangers of social media when it comes to work. But what about conversations in the workplace? What can’t you say and do? Free Speech The playwright, writer and poet Oscar Wilde famously said: “I may not agree with you,...

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Asda Loses Latest Round In Equal Pay Case

  Asda store workers have won a crucial round in the battle against the company to be paid at an equal rate as warehouse workers. In a case which started in 2016, thousands of store workers, who are predominately women, have argued that they should be paid at the...

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Social Media: Protect Yourself!

  Brexit, Covid, Megxit… millions of people share their views online every day. A quick lunchtime tweet on Twitter, sharing or liking a post on Facebook: most people think nothing of it. Yet one ‘in-the-moment’ comment could put your job at risk. We’ve dealt with...

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Landmark Uber Case – What’s It All About?

  Last week, the UK’s Supreme Court, Britain’s highest court, gave a ruling on a landmark case brought by Uber drivers against Uber (Uber BV v Aslam and Others). The Supreme Court ruled that Uber must treat its drivers as workers rather than as self-employed...

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Banks and ICO Regulations

  Affinity has raised an issue that affects members across the banking industry with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Whilst this particular concern related too Lloyds Banking Group it has implications industry-wide. The ICO has confirmed to the union that...

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Will Working From Home Stick?

  Whilst we can now see the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel with the roll out of three vaccines, it’s still going to be a difficult few months for us all. The issue of what’s going to happen to those staff who have been working from home since the...

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The Future Of TSB

  It seems that the writing is on the wall for the future independence of TSB. The news that Spain’s second biggest bank BBVA has pulled out of merger talks with Sabadell because they couldn’t agree a price, confirms our worst fears: that TSB will be sold off....

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Legal History

  The stakes couldn’t get much bigger. If our landmark legal action, which was covered widely in the national press, is successful female workers across all industries who are in or were in defined benefit pension schemes will benefit to the tune of some £13...

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TSB To Axe 164 Branches & Get Rid Of 900 Jobs

  The future of TSB (where a significant number of Affinity members work) as an independent bank now looks in jeopardy. Today, it’s announced that it will be closing 164 branches between January and June 2021 and making 900 branch staff redundant. There will also...

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