Working Hours Pressure On Betfred Staff

Betfred Staff

Betfred has announced that it plans to implement new working hours which, for many staff, will result in lone working for a proportion of the day. Shops will be categorised into four bands, which will determine the maximum number of lone working hours per day.

Betfred has suggested that this will be a welcome change for staff given that feedback from the latest colleague engagement survey showed that unsocial hours and unnecessary shifts were a “major negative”.

However, feedback from members so far suggests that most staff feel quite the opposite about the proposed changes. Betfred’s latest move appears to be yet another attempt to cut costs by reducing staff hours in shops, irrespective of staff workload and safety, whilst ‘spinning’ the message to try to suggest it is about helping staff.

Whilst some may indeed welcome the changes, most will not.

Challenging Betfred

It’s essential that you raise your concerns with us at an early stage so that we can take the appropriate action. More advice will follow on that.

The company has invited staff to raise queries with Area Teams, but in all probability the company will pay nothing but lip service to staff who raise concerns through that route.

Please share your views with us by completing our short questionnaire here:

Please note that this survey is confidential and you will not be made identifiable to Betfred.

If you need to speak to us, please contact the Advice Team on 01234 716005 or email

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