Help For Pensioner Members During Covid-19

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Affinity has launched a new support service for our pensioner members aged 70 or over (some of whom have been members of the Union for over 70 years!) who may have to remain at home for the foreseeable future. For some members, watching television, listening to the radio or reading a book is just not sufficient when they’re used to going out and about and socialising. For them this will be irritating but others will need practical help of one sort or another. Affinity will be doing all we can to help these members with any problem. We realise that there may be pensioner members under age 70 who also have urgent needs and we would like to hear from them too if they think we can help.
Affinity Staff
Affinity Area Officers work regionally and will help in any way they can. Our Advice Team also has extensive experience in advising people who need help with the benefits system or dealing with officialdom in all its forms. In fact, there aren’t many things we won’t take on, provided they’re legal, so if you need help please ring us on 01234 716005 (Choose Option 1).
Member Volunteers
We’re also setting up a network of pensioner members who have volunteered to help members in need and this will help us respond more quickly to requests for assistance.
If you’d like to be added to our list of volunteers, please email us at We’d be very grateful for your assistance. We know that a number of members also have parents who themselves are Pensioner members of the Union; please do encourage them to call us if you think we can help.

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