Essential Advice

The Government has made it clear that you may only leave your home for work if you cannot reasonably work from home. Many employers have done a good job of facilitating home working for those who can work from home but if you’re being asked to attend work when you don’t need to attend in person, please contact the Advice Team straight away on 01234 716005 (choose Option 1).

Attending Work

If you find that for any reason you cannot maintain social distancing whilst at work, or you have not been provided with the necessary equipment to protect yourself (such as masks, and screens), please contact the Advice Team on 01234 716005 (choose Option 1).

Employers have a Duty of Care to protect staff; whilst many are doing a good job not all are and some have been slow to adapt. If you encounter health and safety problems or you feel vulnerable for any reason, please do call us to discuss the issues.

Other Impacts

Inevitably the lockdowns have meant that many people will be under considerable pressure when it comes to issues such as childcare and home schooling, shielding and care responsibilities. If you have any difficulties in these areas, or you want to discuss how to address specific issues with your employer, we’re available 24 hours a day to talk things through and advise you on what to say and do.

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